Houston Electricity FAQ’s


I am in a contract. What are my options?

Some folks are locked into long-term contracts with a high rate. If you fall into this category, it would be wise to calculate whether or not you will save money by paying the cancellation fee and switching providers to get a significantly lower rate. For instance, if you switch to our lower rate to save $60 a month, and your cancellation fee is $200; this means your savings will have paid for the cancellation fee in less than 4 months. If your contract still has 1 year on it, you would still SAVE over $400 in one year AFTER paying the cancellation fee. That’s how big the savings could be.  I have had customers in this situation and they have paid their cancellation fee to realize the long-term savings. Call for a quick audit of your situation. We’ll will give you straight answers. If it doesn’t make sense financially to terminate a contract, we’ll make that clear.